Season Round Up

After a tremendous start at Oulton Park, Declan and I moved on to Rockingham in our Century Motorsport car and despite struggles with pace over the course of the weekend a second place finish was recorded over the 2 hours and we lead the championship by a larger margin. The May bank holiday weekend at Silverstone was shaping up well but with a wheel falling off in my qualifying stint the session was cut short. Joined by the speedy European GT4 cars Declan was highest British driver before I took over and discovered a small fire due to leaking gearbox oil onto the exhaust. Unfortunately this dropped us down the order with repair work underway and we scrounged a measly point and a half. Still leading the championship we pushed hard to Snetterton.

After a summer break Norfolk was the next task; I’d used the iZone simulator, based at Silverstone, to prepare myself and I was back to fitness for the two 1 hour races. An incident with the Aston Martin which damaged the car caused me to lose some time but we raced to second place, taking our 4th podium of the year. Race two was looking great with a 10 second lead but as the pit window open Declan had an incident with a Ferrari which caused some damage to the steering and dislodged our bonnet (which went unnoticed in the change) meaning I had to pit and we plummeted down the order. Brands Hatch was next on the calendar on the GP complex and practise was positive with me matching other crucial times to ensure as a pairing we had good pace. Guests from Supagard, Laird Assessors, FadalCNC and Geometric Manufacturing turned out for the sunny race day and I was running a strong 3rd place in the race until a lapping car saw my into the gravel. I was pulled out and the gravel was removed but we were 3 laps down, Declan’s stint was shortened by a differential issue and so we crossed the line just to pick up valuable points.

Zandvoort is the next circuit on the calendar and I have raced well there in the past, followed by the ultimate race at Donington to round off the year.

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